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I can't trust my girlfriend...

Hi. I am 22 years old and have been with my girlfriend for 1 year. The problem is that I feel that she could cheat on me at any instant. Not just physical cheating (she lost her virginity to me), but emotional as well. She has done a lot for me to lose my trust in her. She had a friend (female) by the name of May, whom she doesn't speak to anymore, and about 3 months ago, May was sleeping over at my girlfriend's house and they made out! My girlfriend told me the next day and said that it lasted about 5 min. we worked it out, but my trust in her diminished. I've told her that I don't trust her and she said that she will do everything she can to gain it back.

Another thing, she told me about this one guy who she thought was gorgeous and they had fooled around in the past. I tried testing her by creating an email address in his name and emailing her, and she seemed very interested to get together. I pretended I found out because I saw her checking her email one day and reading his email (which was actually me) and she swore that she told him she had a boyfriend and that never to mail her again, but in the emails she did not say that.

She constantly twists the truth and I don't feel she is always being honest with me. Also, she checks out other men all the time, and I told her about it but she just said I'm paranoid. We want to spend out lives together, and I know it can work out but I'm still unsure and the fear of cheating is killing me. I want to put her to an ultimate test but I don't know what to do?

I need to point out a very obvious fact that is clear only because I am sitting outside your situation. You also are not acting in a trustworthy way. You are setting up traps and in doing so, lying to her. This behavior, while perhaps satisfying your need to know, is in itself not going to lead you to the place you say you most want to end up. I quote you: "We want to spend out lives together, and I know it can work out"

You will never end up in that place with her as long as you are obsessing and falling into your own worse patterns of fear and spying and testing. There is, in fact, no ultimate test that will ever satisfy you. It simply does not exist. What you are doing is backfiring all the way down the line. You are thickening the wall of distrust. And if she knew you created this email account in the other guy's name, etc., you know that she would have good reason to less her trust in you.

Trust is entirely a two-way street. You are suffering from a rather major blind-spot here. Anxiety is the underlying cause. You cannot factor out your anxiety. It is mixed right in the equation. And on unconscious levels, it is actually pushing her away.

You need to institute a radically different approach to your dilemma if you have any hope in the world to get the goal I quoted from you above: "We want to spend out lives together, and I know it can work out"

The only way into trust is through building an authentic, honest relationship. One where people deeply care about each other, and where they learn to get beyond their own fears and open up to each other. You might want to turn this whole mess around and get it going in a positive direction. Get her and yourself enrolled in a program to learn more about how love and relationship can work in a positive direction. You will both need to learn new skills for better communication, and for creating a stronger shared vision, for dealing with the negative feelings that come up (yes, including fear and obsessing) and for breaking out of your patterns and healing the old baggage of past cheating.

Based on over 20 years of working with couples to heal their relationships, I have written an e-Book you can download off our website. It offers step-by-step tools and strategies:

• Learn how to change patterns that damage love.
• Heal and overcome old baggage that holds you back today.
• Improve communication skills to get effective results.
• Work through and soothe difficult or upset feelings.
• Create a powerful shared vision for overcoming problems and building solid trust.

You can get the same material in my printed book: Relationship Tools for Positive Change

This book can help you by suggesting specific new things to do in detail -- ways to open up the communication channels instead of perpetuating more distrust. Trust is not a given. It has to be built. It will never be built from the kinds of tests you are thinking about. The only ultimate test is this:

Can you move beyond your fear and do something to move the relationship in a more authentic, honest and open direction?

Can she move beyond her fears and respond to your move?

That is the test. Not building a more convincing test in which you continue the line of thinking you are doing now. Be very careful to avoid what is called a self-fulfilling prophecy. Where what you worry about becomes reality, simply due to your own actions that try to prevent it. For instance, realize that you -- not this other guy -- were the one who got her all excited.

Take a positive stand on this one, my friend. It is the only way to move in a positive direction -- and end up in a positive place.


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