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Soulmate Oracle

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Welcome to a special deck of cards — a unique, interactive self-help tool.
These cards can give you practical insights on what helps keep a relationship strong, how to work with problems, and how to foster aliveness in love.

"This tool can help you improve communication, deal with issues,
explore dreams, and reawaken vitality of connection."
Dr. John Gray, Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

Each card speaks about an essential ingredient for a rewarding relationship. Taking this information to heart can help you stay on a positive track. You could consider the deck a set of "flashcards" for relationship success. You may even find it to be an oracle that helps you manifest your most heartfelt needs.

This website offers you two ways to use these cards...

  Daily Message  
  Click on the image or select a name from the menu below to
get your "card for the day"
  Once your card appears above CLICK HERE to see its full
image and message
  Pick Three Cards  
  Get three cards for in-depth insights or help with specific relationship issues  
  Click the image or link above to get three cards and see their combined message  

If you find these online cards useful, there's more!

Above, there are 16 cards. Instead, you could use a "full deck" — in a printed form, or a much more powerful, enhanced version of these online cards...

Get the Deluxe Printed Edition of the Full Deck
In print — the full set of 64 cards plus a companion book. There's nothing like shuffling and picking from a physical deck of cards, and reading from a printed book. It's great with a partner or to get a more personal experience when using the deck yourself. Also it makes a great gift. Give it to yourself, or to someone you care about. (Click here to see more)

Use a Powerfully Enhanced Version of the Online Deck
Here's a dramatically expanded version of these online cards that is almost like getting live coaching. Use the full deck of 64 cards at once. Choose from a variety of card layouts and new ways to pick your cards. And use the added powerful coaching feature that helps you directly apply each card to your life to make positive changes. (Click here to see more)


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