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Relationship Quiz


Here are five easy questions to test your beliefs about what makes a great relationship.
This deceptively simple quiz quickly gets to the heart of the matter...

1. What's the best way to know you are in a great relationship?
You want exactly the same things in life together.
You always feel happy and there are no difficult issues.
You face problems together and grow.  
Your parents approve of your partner.
2. How can partners best resolve significant relationship issues?
Establish who is right and who is wrong.
Keep talking about it, no matter how upset they get.
Let it slide and wait for things to get better.
Get centered and really listen to each other.  
3. The "honeymoon" is the phase of a relationship that:
Lets us know we are with the right person.
Offers us a glimpse of what's possible.  
Makes us stupid and we can't eat or sleep.
Can last forever if you're truly with the right person.
4. In relationships, problems or differences may arise. This is:
An indication you need to get your partner to change.
A reason you have to compromise to make a relationship work.
A warning that you may not really be with the right person.
A sign it is time to learn something new and grow.  
5. Couples who share lasting joy and satisfaction differ from those
who are unhappy or split up. What's their main difference?
They never get angry, argue or fight.
They don't rock the boat.
They have fewer problems, issues or differences to resolve.
They have better tools and strategies to resolve issues.  
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What's the Point of this Quiz?

    The point is to get you to examine your beliefs about what makes a relationship great. And to see if your beliefs may actually be getting in your way — making it harder for you to experience lasting satisfaction in a relationship.


    As we all know, lasting satisfaction is rare these days. The divorce rate is high.

    And if truthful, most couples admit they are far less happy than they truly want to be.

    So, are relationships — even ones that start off great — simply doomed?

    It does not have to be that way. Too many couples needlessly suffer or split up.

  "Powerful tools to expand joy and happiness in relating!"
  Dr. John Gray
Men Are from Mars,
Women Are from Venus

    Regardless of how many of your answers matched ours, if you want to have a truly great relationship, consider the following information...


The Bottom Line for Relationship Success

    Finding a good partner — and a relationship that feels great — is just a first step.

    You also need to know how to keep the relationship feeling great over time.


    All relationships get tested.

    So a lasting great relationship does not just "happen" all by itself. It is not a matter of "luck" or finding the "right" person.

    You need to the right tools and strategies to keep it great — even when challenges arise.

  "A key to a great
relationship is having the
right strategies and tools
to keep it great."

    This is not just our opinion. Scientific research supports it.

    The final question on the quiz is taken directly from research studies on couples who share lasting happiness — compared to those who suffer or split up.

    Our society's popular myth is that happy couples don't have as many issues or differences to deal with. But actual research breaks this myth...


It is a myth that happy couples have fewer issues to resolve.
Most couples have to deal with similar amounts of issues.

Couples who succeed have learned better strategies to resolve
issues, work through differences, and keep satisfaction alive.


    Few of us enter adult relationships knowing the best strategies to succeed. Does this surprise you? Look at the evidence. That's why our divorce rate is so high. That's why so many couples are far less happy than they yearn to be.

    The good news is that we can all learn new and better strategies.

    If you want to succeed in relationship, it is a good idea to admit to yourself that you may need to learn something new — then commit to learning it.

    With the right tools you can build and sustain a lasting great relationship.

    With the right strategies you can improve a relationship that's in trouble or is less satisfying than you want it to be.


Three Powerful Help Options

Tools for Positive Change — Get immediate and powerful relationship help. Available as a download or in print, our self-help system gives you practical, effective tools to overcome problems and issues, transform negative feelings, communicate well, get positive results, and build a secure relationship filled with happiness and love. (read more)
Relationship Coaching — Get coaching in person or by phone from John. Learn exactly what you need to know to create the change you want. Get help to iron out difficult issues. Gain effective tools and skills to have a great relationship. (read more)
Couples Retreat — The couples retreat is a fast track to positive change — an intensive, supportive place to achieve profound results. In a concentrated two-day program, your relationship will be noticeably transformed. New doors will open. And you will take home key tools to keep your relationship growing on a positive track. (read more)
Help to Have a Great Relationship

    A great relationship is one of the finest things life can offer. But lasting satisfaction seems hard to achieve.

    Sooner or later, all couples run into issues that challenge them. It is how couples handle challenges — not the absence of issues — that makes the biggest difference for lasting happiness and relationship health.

    Couples who stay happy have learned strategies to keep their relationship strong, even when facing challenges.

    The good news is that you can learn these key tools and strategies for success.

    This website was created to help you succeed in having the relationship of your dreams! There is a variety of tools and information for you to get on this site.

    Here's just a few things available: you can read our blog on relationship, play with our interactive oracle, read our advice to others, or get our self-help books.

    We invite you to explore the many tools on this site for you to freely use — and consider the three powerful help options listed above.

    Best Wishes,
    John Grey

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"Powerful tools to expand joy
and happiness in relating!"

Dr. John Gray
Men Are from Mars
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