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Tools for Positive Change 


Get Powerful Relationship Help — Now

Gain Keys to Overcome Problems or Differences...
and Essential Tools to Sustain a Rewarding Partnership!

A great relationship is one of the finest things life can offer.

But lasting happiness seems hard to achieve. Sadly, too many relationships end up being weighted down by unresolved difficulties. Walls can build over time. Good feelings can seem to get lost.

All relationships run into rough spots. To have lasting satisfaction, you need to know how to keep love strong and to truly resolve problems, upsets or differences


Couples who stay happy have the tools to keep love and good feelings alive — even through the tests of time.

They know how to work through relationship problems, and to do this in a way that doesn't take them downhill.

If you do not have the uplifting relationship you want — things can change — and you can do something about it.

You need the right tools to succeed. That's where I come in. I have something important to offer you.

My name is John Grey. I have dedicated much of my professional life to helping people have successful, happy relationships.


I'd like to show you powerful tools to keep love, trust and happiness alive. Tools to resolve issues and stay on a positive track. These key tools are essential if you want a truly rewarding partnership.

For over 25 years I've given people practical, effective help to create great relationships. Over this time I've discovered what works — and what doesn't — to support lasting love.


There are Specific Key Tools to
Keep a Relationship Strong, Healthy and Happy


Yes, that's right. There are specific key tools to keep a relationship strong, healthy and happy.

These key tools can be learned.

I can offer simple tools that work. I will teach you strategies proven by hundreds of couples.

To stay together as a happy couple, we need tools to keep love strong, even through the difficult and challenging times. Otherwise, the feeling of being in love can get lost and a couple becomes stuck in unresolved problems.


"Powerful tools to expand
your joy and happiness
in relating.

Men Are from Mars
Women Are from Venus

I would like to show you effective ways to solve issues and continue to build positive respect, trust, understanding, and good feelings.

You can have a happy and rewarding relationship. Even if you are suffering from problems, you can strengthen your love — if you know the right tools.

Are you now doing the things to make your relationship better?

If not, you need to learn to do something different. If you keep doing the same old things, you will keep getting the same old results!

To get new results, you need to do something new.

You Can Make an Immediate,
Positive Difference in Your Relationship.

No matter how troubled your relationship is — you can change things. The only question is how?

To make a significant, positive change you need to know exactly what to do.

This is where I can offer you guidance. I will give you powerful and practical tools to solve relationship problems and build a truly rewarding partnership.

Take action now and take advantage of this help. Gain the best relationship tools available today. That's not just my opinion. Here's what leading experts, couples therapists and coaches say:


"Powerful tools to expand joy and happiness. Discover new options and make a positive difference in your relationship."
John Gray, Ph.D., Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

"John is phenomenal, among the best I've encountered. He offers state-of-the-art tools to couples in distress. He knows how to help couples move their relationship onto a solid foundation, into a real intimate partnership."
Susan Campbell, Ph.D., Getting Real and The Couples Journey

"A friendly source of guidance and wisdom, to help you have the relationship you truly want."
John Welwood, Ph.D., Journey of the Heart and Love and Awakening

"An inspiring guidebook for the qualities necessary for fulfilling, growth-filled relationships."
Angeles Arrien, Ph.D., The Four Fold Way

"John is a superbly skilled, wise and authentic relationship coach, and the framework he uses is magnificently suited to genuine transformation. "
Deborah Boyar, Ph.D., Therapist and Workshop Leader

"John is a consummate professional in the area of relationships and personal growth, development, and healing. "
Diane Ludgate, Ph.D., Psychologist and Corporate Trainer

"John takes us beyond all of our myths and fantasies, and shows us how couples can truly succeed together."
Andrew Sears, Ph.D., Couples Therapist

"John offers us the most powerful strategies in relationship psychology today. Simple to understand, easy to use."
 — Ken Crittenden, Ph.D., Psychologist and Couples Counselor

"How to create a great relationship. Simple to understand and it lays out what you need to do step by step. And it works!"
Timothy JohnPress, Coach and Corporate Trainer

"Clear direction for how to go about the mysterious and sometimes challenging thing we call relationship."
Lisa Berg, Business Coach

"Reveals the workings of successful couples. Get the inside story of what it takes to have the relationship of your dreams."
Dawn Monnet, Coach and Motivational Speaker




Gain Powerful Relationship Tools
in an Easy, Step-by-Step Book.
Download It Now — or Get a
Printed Copy Sent to You


Start Making Positive Changes — Right Now !


You can now get the most effective relationship tools and strategies available today, all in an easy-to-read book.

The book is titled: Relationship Tools for Positive Change.

Download it now as an e-book and start reading it immediately.
Or if you prefer, get it in print, shipped to you.

This book gives you the tools to successfully work with issues, to overcome problems or differences — and to build a rewarding partnership filled with lasting satsifaction.

You will gain powerful communication tools. You will learn to create a shared vision, heal old baggage or upset feelings, and deepen trust, joy and happiness in being together.


Relationship Tools for Positive Change is a 248-page illlustrated book.
It is available as a downloadable e-book or as a printed book.

We are confident you'll benefit from this book filled with powerful
tools and guidance to make positive changes.

Download the e-book now
with a 100% Money Back Guarantee
and start reading it immediately.

Or if you like, get this book in a printed edition, shipped directly to you.
(Sorry, we can't include printed items in the money back guarantee.)

  Click Here to see how to order now.


Here's a sampling of chapters in this book...

    CHAPTER 1 — Beyond the Honeymoon

    What takes us from the highs of love to the lows of upsets and problems?
    How do satisfied couples solve issues and keep their relationship strong?

    • Discover seven blind spots that subconsciously cause problems to grow larger.
    • Learn what really blocks couples from solving problems and makes them upset.
    • Find out seven key approaches to resolve issues, instead of making them worse.
    • Gain a new approach to dealing with difficulties that will actually strengthen love.
    CHAPTER 5 — Stop the Polarity Dance

    Differences attract. But couples get into conflict over differences.
    How can couples resolve differences and learn to work together?

    • Understand the ten ways most couples blindly get stuck in struggles over differences.
    • Get beyond the destructive grip of these ten common relationship traps.
    • Learn the only strategy that will get you new results when things are not working.
    • Discover seven specific ways to act differently and turn power struggles around.
    CHAPTER 7 — Stop Falling into the Hole

    What to do if you fall into a hole? Stop digging! Here’s a vital tool to keep
    from damaging a relationship with poor communication.

    • Learn a tool to stop poor communication that makes things worse and hurts love.
    • Put a halt to the five destructive communication mistakes that lead to breakups.
    • Discover how to prevent emotional reactions, and stop saying things you later regret.
    • Make a powerful new agreement that keeps you from triggering upset feelings.

    CHAPTER 9 — Communicate to Get Positive Results

    Good communication is a key ingredient to keep love and happiness strong.
    Learn a powerful tool to get positive results when you communicate.

    • Understand the key factors that help you be a resourceful, good communicator.
    • Gain practical tools to communicate successfully, even about charged issues.
    • How to get your viewpoint heard, make effective requests, set healthy boundaries.
    • Go beyond upsets, defensiveness or withdrawal — be a proactive communicator.

    CHAPTER 10 — Transform Negative Feelings

    We can get stuck in upset feelings. Learn how to move through negative
    emotional states, release upset feelings, even heal old wounds.

    • Gain confidence in dealing with difficult feelings in yourself or in your partner.
    • Learn powerful tools for soothing hurt or angry feelings, insecurities or anxieties.
    • Release emotional patterns and old baggage that block the flow of good feelings.
    • Gain powerful tools to truly resolve charged issues and emotional upsets.
    CHAPTER 11 — Create a Powerful Shared Vision

    How can we keep our love strong, regardless of issues or problems?
    How can we share a vision that strengthens love in all circumstances?

    • Learn how to establish a solid foundation of trust and positive attitude as partners.
    • Create a shared vision that "weather proofs" your relationship in stressful times.
    • Discover strategies that increase shared good feelings and satisfaction.
    • Make agreements that give you strength to overcome challenges and difficulties.
    AND MUCH MORE — In the 248 pages of this book you will...

    Gain a comprehensive set of key effective tools for creating the postive
    change you truly want in your love live. Other chapters will help you...

    • Discover your personality type, its blind spots that limit you and your relationships.
    • Understand how to expand beyond personality limits, get free of past conditioning.
    • Learn a powerful tool to center, to stay calm, strong and creative in any situation.
    • Gain the clarity to bring your highest personal intentions to life in a relationship.

  Click Here to see how to order now.

In Addition — Get a Uniquely Powerful,
Interactive System for Relationship Guidance...

We also offer you an interactive self-coaching system called the Relationship Advisor.
It elevates self-help to a new level. It's the closest thing to live coaching from John.

Combined with the book above, you have a comprehensive set of relationship tools, plus an interactive set of flash cards to coach you and guide you to interact in new ways.

A simplified online version of our Relationship Advisor has long been licensed by major sites like iVillage, and over the years has been used for help in love by millions.

Interactive Self-Coaching System — The Relationship Advisor

This is a remarkable source of guidance for success in love and relationships. It's almost like getting live coaching!

Because it is interactive, it goes beyond a book. It's always on tap to consult with — whenever you need advice, have a question, or want to resolve an issue.

This self-help tool is always ready to assist you to overcome challenges in love. Use it as your own personal coach to get guidance in any situation.

Use it with a partner, and you open new doors to better communication, deeper understanding and appreciation for one another. And it is fun and entertaining to use!

Bestselling author Dr. John Gray says this about the Relationship Advisor...


"This powerful tool can help expand your joy and happiness in relating. It helps you improve communication, resolve issues, explore dreams, and reawaken the vitality of connection."
John Gray, Ph.D., Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus


The Relationship Advisor is a set of 64 beautifully illustrated flash cards for success in love.
Each card offers you detailed relationship guidance and understanding in a specific way. Every card assists you to create the positive changes you truly want in your love life.

You can get the Relationship Advisor in electronic form — to download right now. Or you can get it shipped to you, as a printed deck of cards plus its own book. See below for how to order. (In print the title of this deck and book set is The Joy of Relationship Cards.)

The electronic form has an additional feature increasing its effectiveness — a self-coaching section to help you apply its guidance more deeply to your particular situation. This increases the positive impact of this self-help system on your love life.

You can download the electronic form to your computer and use it whenever you like, without being connected to the internet. Or from any computer, you can also access it on the internet. If you don't want to download files to your computer, online access is available for you.

Get the Book "Relationship Tools for Positive Change"
and/or The Relationship Advisor — NOW !

We recommend you get both of these as a set, because together
they give you a comprehensive set of powerful tools.
Or, you can get either one individually.


Click on the buttons below for the items you want...

Get both items as downloads and get a $5.00 discount on the Advisor.
Download items come with a 100% Money Back Guarantee.
And you can begin reading or using them immediately.

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