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Relationship Cards

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64 Full Color Cards (size 4" x 6")
Book: 160 Pages
Forward: by Dr. John Gray
Print Title: The Joy of Relationship Cards
Authors: John Grey, Ph.D. & Bonney Meyer, R.N.
Illustrator: Rosiland Solomon
ISBN: 0-9637079-0-6 (Leap Frog Press)

"This is a powerful tool to expand your joy and happiness in relating. It helps you recognize factors in a relationship and encourages you to take your next step — whether it's in communicating, dealing with a problem, healing an emotional wound, or bringing to life all of your dreams of what you truly want in a relationship."
— John Gray, Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

"The cards are provocative and beautiful mirrors for the qualities and stages necessary for developing fulfilling and growth-filled relationships."
— Angeles Arrien, Ph.D., Author of The Four Fold Way

"The cards are a wonderful tool for expanding the fulfillment you can have in relating. Motivating clarity and fruitful action, the deck and book are friendly sources of guidance and wisdom. The cards can help you create the kind of relationship you truly want."
— John Welwood, Ph.D., Author of Love & Awakening & Journey of the Heart

This remarkable deck of cards and book acts like a wise friend and gifted coach. Printed under the title The Joy of Relationship Cards - A Guide to Clarity & Fulfillment, the cards and book will interactively coach you on the key ingredients for a healthy, happy relationship. They answer your deepest questions about love and help you move through challenges.

This is a powerful self-help tool that mixes practical guidance with fun and entertainment. The 64 cards are beautifully printed in full color. The inspiring, high-quality artwork was created by illustrator Rosiland Solomon, whose artwork appears in best-selling childrens books, calendars and nature books. A 160 page book is also included, which gives complete instructions on using the cards and offers an in-depth interpretation for each card.

The uplifting quality of the art and writing inspires positive feelings, even when you are in the middle of a relationship challenge. The cards act like little wake-up calls that help you to keep your relationship moving in a positive direction.

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